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Taking proper care of one’s teeth is vital to maintaining a healthy body. Excellent oral health can be easily achieved with the correct prevention measures. The best prevention measures are found in following satisfactory daily dental hygiene practices as well as by having regular general dental examinations at Johnston Dental Care, located in Ruston, LA and servicing clients in Northeast Louisiana and surrounding areas. Family Dentistry

We recommend that both children and adults have two checkups per calendar year. During these routine visits, patients will experience several general dental procedures; they are all geared towards the goal of maintaining top oral health from TMJD to routine dentist exams. Dr. Johnston and one of our hygienists will conduct a thorough oral exam and teeth cleaning to evaluate the overall health of the patient’s mouth, which includes teeth, gums and tongue. Periodically, to check for cavities and other dental issues, the patient’s teeth will be x-rayed.

This general dentistry process is twofold. First, the examination helps to ensure that the patient is maintaining excellent oral health. And second, it is an act of prevention by allowing the team at Johnston Dental Care to spot early on any potential problems, like a cavity, and immediately begin some form of dental treatment before the problem becomes worse.

Routine Dental Exams

For example, we find that a patient has a cavity in a particular tooth. At this point, the cavity is a small one, and because it is small, it is easier for us to treat. Had the patient not come in for their routine dental checkup, the cavity would have only grown. A larger cavity is literally a larger problem that often requires a bigger and more invasive filling. Often times, untreated cavities become so problematic that they may require a root canal; a root canal is one of the more invasive and expensive forms of dental treatment.

Biannual general dentistry exams not only save patients money by catching these issues when they are simple problems that can be remedied with less expensive dental treatment options, but they also increase the odds that we will be able to do these corrective procedures. A tooth with a complex issue that is left untreated often means that we will have to refer the patient to the care of a more expensive specialist, such as an oral surgeon, for dental treatment.

As the adage says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” From our perspective, no other words best describe the importance of protecting and keeping a patient’s oral health.

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