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Dental Payment Plans Available at Johnston Dental Care

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affordable dentist in RustonPaying for dentist appointments can be a challenge no matter what a person’s financial picture looks like. At Dr. Johnston’s office, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The office accepts many types of dental insurance and will process your claim for you upon receipt. Dr. Johnston believes that no patient should be without the dental care just because they don’t have the cash to pay upfront at the time of the work.

Our Insurance Payment Processing Procedures

When a patient arrives at Johnston Dental Care, front office staff collects their dental insurance information and patient co-payment. If desired, our staff can contact the insurance company before a procedure is performed to verify coverage and the expected out-of-pocket amount due for the patient. The billing staff processes each dental insurance claim promptly so that paying for dentist appointments won’t be a financial burden for any patients. Once Johnston Dental Care receives payment from the dental insurance carrier, a billing statement is sent to the patient or account holder.

Dental Payment Plans

If the amount due after your dental insurance carrier has paid their portion is not affordable for you to pay all at once, Dr. Johnston’s office will work with patients to establish dental payment plans. There is no need to avoid needed dental care just because of the out of pocket cost. The front office staff will work with any patient to create a payment schedule that’s convenient and affordable. If a patient receives a bi-weekly or monthly paycheck, the office staff can set up a payment plan that follows along with their income.

Dental Financing

Even insurance plans are not a guarantee of payment. Johnston Dental Care offers interest-free and low interest rate outside payment plans and also accepts most major credit cards as a method of payment.

At Johnston Dental Care, our friendly dental staff believes that all patients should receive the best possible care and services for their oral health needs. The initial out-of-pocket cost should not be a barrier to receiving that care. In addition to communicating with dental insurance carriers about patient coverage, Johnston Dental Care takes the time to explain patient benefits and the payment options to each patient. The goal is to ensure that every patient can afford the necessary services for a healthy mouth and to achieve and maintain good oral health.

For specific dental financing questions for your own personal instance, feel free to give your local Ruston dentist a call today! We would be glad to provide you with any dental payment plan answers.

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Dental Payment Plans Available at Johnston Dental Care

Your local Ruston dentist can help with dental payment plans to pay for the dental procedures you need! Dr. Johnston has plans available!