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CEREC Technology at Johnston Dental Care: What You Need to Know

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CEREC-TechnologyMany people suffer from damaged, decayed or missing teeth. In the past, these individuals most likely would have needed root canals followed by post and crown placement. The amount of work performed meant multiple trips to the dentist at a sizable cost to each client.

Traditionally during the initial visit, the dentist made an impression of the affected tooth and sent this mold to a laboratory. The practitioner then shaved down the existing tooth upon which a temporary, plastic crown was attached. On a subsequent visit, the physician removed the temporary crown and installed the permanent, more durable version.

With the invention of CEREC technology, the restoration process is shortened and expense reduced. The entire process now, in most cases, only requires one trip to the office. On the day of the appointment, the CEREC dentist at Johnston Dental Care facility performs an oral examination and makes a 3D image of the existing tooth.

Using a specially designed CAD/CAM equipped computer having CEREC technology, the computer creates the crown from a single block of porcelain while the patient waits. In most cases, the recreation features the color gradations and the polished sheen seen on a natural tooth. The CEREC porcelain dental crown is completed in approximately one hour. Once finished, the CEREC dentist in Ruston installs the finished tooth.

A CEREC crown looks completely natural, is durable and capably protects the tooth root from future damage or decay. Clients are spared the added time and expense of multiple visits. The time saved also means that the CEREC dentist in Ruston has more time to care for other patients.

Additional Advantages

  • Stain-resistant: Besides being crafted from a ceramic porcelain material that lasts up to two decades, the CEREC porcelain dental crown is not porous and does not retain stains like a normal tooth.
  • Enhanced oral health: Restorative implements are designed to protect the remaining portions of the tooth and root from possible plaque accumulation and bacterial colonization.
  • Additional applications: In the event that a patient is missing an entire tooth, a CEREC dentist in Ruston also has the ability to use the specially made crowns to replace that tooth after installing the necessary foundational implant.

Anyone interested in learning more about the latest innovation in dentistry involving CEREC technology and CEREC porcelain crowns may consult with the dental specialists at Johnston Dental Care. After performing an assessment, the practitioner will determine if a CEREC porcelain dental crown is an appropriate option.

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CEREC Technology at Johnston Dental Care: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for a simple, painless solution to getting new dental crowns for your teeth? Dr. Johnston can help with CEREC technology!