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professional family dentistSome dental practice owners believe that there is no need to belong to a dental association. Those holding fast to this belief feel that money spent on dues can be saved and allocated towards other business endeavors such as growth and expansion. Dentists who are adamant about not belonging to a dental association are missing out on major benefits including increasing credibility and brand awareness, obtaining optimal protection for the business and money-saving opportunities. An LDA membership provides all three of these major benefits and more.

Increasing Credibility and Brand Awareness

It is a known fact that dental practices that are members of a dental association need to maintain a high standard of quality. If dentists refuse to or simply do not meet quality assurance guidelines, they can no longer belong to the association. Louisiana Dental Association members are sure to enjoy an increased influx of customers because their membership will assure people in the community that their practices are safe, put customers first and possess a high level of integrity. Once a large number of people learn about the practices of these Louisiana professional dentists, practice owners will be guaranteed growth in brand awareness.

Protection for the Business

Another perk of possessing an LDA membership is that dental practices can receive low-cost protection for their businesses. Practice protection is a must because without this insurance, it is illegal to work on patients. Generally, practice protection costs are high. On the other hand, dental association members will only pay a fraction of the cost of normal monthly premiums.

Money-saving Opportunities

The Louisiana Dental Association has a long listing of companies that cooperate with the association, allowing members to purchase endorsed products at reduced costs. Products include but are not limited to: gloves, masks, disinfectant, surgical equipment, office supplies and dental tools. Louisiana professional dentists can appreciate any opportunity that will aid in cost savings.

Dr. Johnston, a leading Louisiana professional dentist who has been a long-time member of the Louisiana Dental Association, sees the value in possessing a membership. Dr. Johnston knows that belonging to this organization provides credibility, authenticity and trust for all of his patients. Because Dr. Johnston is serious about his practice and staying up to date with the latest industry knowledge, he takes advantage of consulting services and educational provisions offered by the association.

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Louisiana Dental Association – Dr. Johnston’s Professional Membership

A professional membership with the Louisiana Dental Association, LDA, is an essential credential for any Ruston…

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