The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Ruston

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Ruston

There are many benefits to sedation dentistry, but which ones help you? Our blog has all the info you need about sedation dentistry options

Sedation Dentistry RustonSome people are truly phobic about going to the dentist and their terror can result in terrible consequences for their dental health. Fortunately, Dr. Johnston, a Ruston sedation dentist, offers his patients highly effective sedation dentistry. The benefits of sedation dentistry not only extend to fearful adults but can also help children who find a visit to the dentist unusually scary.

Dr. Johnston offers a variety of sedation dentistry options in Ruston. The patient can choose to begin the process even before he or she walks into the office for the procedure. He or she can be given a mild sedative the night before. This will help the patient come in the next morning already in a state of relaxation. *We are not licensed to offer Oral Conscious Sedation, but the sedation that we do offer is a prescription premedication (no special licensing required, only DEA/Louisiana Pharmacy Board regular licenses) one hour before the appointment and/or  nitrous oxide (N2O-laughing gas) during the appointment.  There are varying types of “Oral Conscious Sedation” which offer in-office prescriptions delivered to the patients, N2O, and I.V. sedation, all of which require special licenses and advanced training.

The patient should understand that if they do take a sedative the night before the procedure then opt for intravenous sedation they might be a little groggier after the treatment than they would have been if they hadn’t taken the pill.

Sedation can be mild, moderate or deep. In mild to moderate sedation dentistry, the patient is awake. Dentists prefer this because it allows the patient to enjoy the full benefits of sedation dentistry while being able to follow the dentist’s instructions. At the same time, the patient will not only not feel pain but will be completely and comfortably immobilized and probably have no memory of the procedure.

Some patients will demand a deeper level of sedation, however. This may make it harder for them to follow instructions and their breathing might need to be supported. Among the sedation dentistry options in Ruston, “prescription premedication” is most often used on very anxious children.

After the treatment, the patient may rest a bit and then go home. Some patients may need to stay longer than others, but our Johnston Dental Care sedation dentistry staff is respectful and helpful to each and every individual patient’s needs. The patient should have someone drive them home just to be safe.

As a highly skilled and experienced Ruston sedation dentist, Dr. Johnston will happily arrange a consultation with a new patient and answer his or her questions about sedation dentistry. Give him and his staff a call today!

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